Are you looking for a good Anchorage moving service? One that’s as fast as a speeding bullet, as reliable and trustworthy as a superhero, and–even better–affordable?

How about a moving company in Anchorage that will come to your business or storage unit as well as your home? One that can safely handle your pick-up and delivery needs as well as moving?

As a locally owned and operated moving company in Anchorage, Alaska that specializes in small to midsize residential and office moves, we are the best movers in Anchorage and the surrounding area. We can help you empty your storage units, move to a new home, and transition to a new office building quickly and efficiently. How many other Anchorage movers can do all that and still match our low hourly fee? Not many can stack up against Superman Moving and Delivery Service.

Schedule your move today by calling 907-644-0307 any day of the week from 7am to midnight.

Have you ever ordered new furniture or home gym equipment from the store and then realized you had no way to pick it up? Maybe you don’t own a truck or trailer large enough, or perhaps you were stuck at work all day. So you start calling friends and neighbors to ask for help, and more likely than not, they are all too busy to lend a hand, or they already loaned their truck to someone else.

If you’ve ever been in that situation, we have good news: you never need to deal with the hassle of finding help picking up your large purchases again. In addition to being the premier moving man service in the city, we’re also the top pick-up and delivery service.

We do more than simply haul your furniture and boxes from your old house or office to the new one. We also pick-up and deliver big-ticket items for you, including new furniture, TVs, home gym equipment, and more. Our goal is to make moving, picking up, and delivering big bulky items easier than ever. That’s why we’re open later than other Anchorage moving companies and are familiar with pick-up procedures at stores across the city.

Some locations we often pick up from include:

  • Costco
  • Sams Club
  • Baileys Furniture
  • Mattress Ranch
  • Target
  • Fred Myers
  • Sports Authority
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Craigslist listings

When you need Anchorage movers you can trust to handle expensive large items and safely deliver them to your home or office, give Superman Moving and Delivery Service a call. With years of experience and the best tools to ensure the safe, gentle treatment of your furniture, electronics, and other equipment, we are the Anchorage moving service you can call for any type of move or delivery.

Because our mission is to make moving, pick-up and delivery easier and less of a hassle than ever, there are plenty of great reasons to hire Superman Moving and Delivery Service. We constantly strive to make your experience with us the best it can be. By keeping our customers the focus of everything we do, we provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction, in addition to our superior affordability, working hours, and personalized assistance.

A More Affordable Moving Man

In the moving and delivery industry, the standard rate is by the pound. If you have a lot of heavy furniture or other bulky items, yet only need an Anchorage moving service for a short period of time, the by-the-pound rate isn’t quite fair.

In contrast, we bill at an hourly rate. That way, you only pay for how long you use the truck and moving men, not the weight of your own possessions. Whether you have heavy home gym equipment or lightweight furniture, you pay the same hourly rate.

The benefits of an hourly rate are better for us and you. Our hourly rate provides a more equal cost for all customers and a more affordable Anchorage moving service, so we can help you get the job done when other Anchorage moving companies won’t.

Same-Day Service, 7 Days a Week

Moving is never convenient. It doesn’t usually happen during normal business hours of the workweek, so why should your Anchorage moving company be any different?

Our goal is to make moving and delivery less of a hassle. That’s why we are open later than any other Anchorage movers every day of the week. You can call us to schedule a move or coordinate pick-up and delivery anytime between 7am and midnight, any day of the week. Even better, we offer same-day service for most pick-ups and deliveries, so you don’t have to wait to get your new purchase.

An Anchorage Moving Company That Cares

Along with its inconvenience, moving and delivery often require unique, individualized help, the kind of personalized assistance that many another moving man can’t or won’t provide. To fulfill our goal, Superman Moving and Delivery is both willing and capable of providing the help you need for your individual situation. Whether you need bigger trucks, more strong arms, multiple pick ups and deliveries, or have other special needs, we are the Anchorage moving service that can help.

In addition to being one of the top Anchorage movers, we also provide moving and delivery services to Eagle River and Wasilla. If you’re moving into a bigger house or better office in any of these areas, let us simplify your move and take care of the big stuff for you.

Whether you are moving across town or to the city for the first time, Superman Moving and Delivery is the best Anchorage moving service to use. Like the hero we’re named after, we’re fast, providing same-day pick-up and delivery; reliable, thanks to our extra long hours every day of the week; and trustworthy, since you know we care enough to provide individual moving and delivery help.

Plus, our low hourly rate makes us one of the most affordable Anchorage movers you’ll ever find. Who doesn’t want to work with moving and delivery company like that?

Call us today to schedule your upcoming move or delivery by calling 907-644-0307. You’ll be glad you did!

We are a locally owned and operated moving company in Anchorage Alaska, We specialize in small to midsize residential & office moves.

Please call our office 7 days per week from 7:00am-12 Midnight to Schedule your move or delivery 907-644-0307

  • Real Estate Brokers of Alaska
  • West Chester Rentals LLC
  • Anchorage Downtown Hotel
  • The State of Alaska
  • Perfect 10 Hair Studio
  • Arctic Refuse LLC
  • Keller Williams Realty
  • Pepsi Bottling Co
  • Just to Name a few…

“”The thanks go to Virginia, Amy, Cody, Brown and Soney . As a customer – you all made me feel like I was so very important and you really cared about helping me move. I can’t say thank you enough and tell you how hard everyone worked to make this one of the easiest transitions I have ever had. The guys truly did go above and beyond. Friendly, hard working, professional – all of them. That with 3 flights of steps – now tell me that doesn’t suck lol!! – Monika McKenzie